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              Application of 3 - coordinate inspection

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              Because it can replace many expensive combination gauges and surface measuring tools, and can reduce the time required for complicated measuring tasks from hours to minutes. Three - coordinate measurement is considered by many people in the industry to be one of the most effective methods to obtain physical size data. three-coordinate measurement can quickly and accurately obtain physical size data. placing the physical object to be detected in the three-coordinate measurement space can obtain the coordinate position of the point to be measured on the object to be measured. based on the space coordinate value here, the geometric size of the object to be measured, as well as its shape and position can be calculated.
              At present, three-coordinate inspection has also been more and more applied in various fields, mainly including 1. measurement of small and medium-sized accessories in automobile, aviation, completion, furniture, tool prototype, machinery, etc. 2. measurement of box, frame, gear, cam, turbine, worm, blade, curve, curved surface, etc. in industries such as electronics, hardware, plastic, etc., precise inspection can be carried out on the size, shape and position tolerance of workpieces, thus completing the tasks of part inspection, shape measurement, process control, etc. 4. the quality goal in manufacturing industry is to keep the production of parts in line with the design requirements. However, maintaining consistency in the production process requires control of the manufacturing process. The most effective method to establish and maintain the consistency of manufacturing process is to accurately measure the workpiece size, obtain the size information, analyze and feedback the data to the production process, making it an effective tool to continuously improve the product quality.
              The application of automobile industry is mainly reflected in the characteristics of high quality requirements, large quantities and different shapes of automobile parts. According to the measurement types of different parts, they are mainly divided into three categories: box, complex shape and curved surface. The configuration of each type of relative measurement system is different, and it needs to be matched and selected from the aspects of host computer, detection system and software of the measurement system. The three-coordinate measuring system is a measuring system that detects the three-dimensional coordinates of the surface points of the workpiece through the relative movement between the side head system and the workpiece. By placing the object to be measured in the measuring space of the three-coordinate measuring machine, the coordinate values of each measuring point on the object to be measured are obtained by using a contact or non-contact detection system, and the shape and position of the measured geometric size are obtained through mathematical calculation by software; and according to the spatial coordinate values of these points, the software carries out mathematical calculation to obtain the geometric size, shape and position to be measured. Therefore, the coordinate measuring machine has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and versatility, and is an ideal solution to complete the measurement and quality control of various automobile parts.
              In modern manufacturing industry, high-precision integrated measuring machines are more and more used in the production process, so that the goal and key of product quality are gradually transformed from final inspection to control the manufacturing process, and the parameters of processing equipment are adjusted in time through information feedback, thus ensuring product quality, stabilizing the production process and improving production efficiency.
              In the selection of traditional measurement methods, people mainly rely on two kinds of measurement methods to complete the measurement of box-type workpieces and complex geometry workpieces, that is, carrying out the detection of box-type workpieces through a three-coordinate measuring machine; The measurement of workpieces with complicated geometric shapes is completed by special measuring equipment, such as special gear detector and special cam detection equipment. Therefore, for enterprises engaged in the production of workpieces with complex geometric shapes, the quality control enterprises that complete the above products need not only to configure general measuring equipment, such as three-coordinate measuring machines, general standard measuring tools, and measuring instruments, but also to configure special testing equipment, such as gear special testing instruments of various sizes and types, cam testing instruments, etc. This often results in the measurement department of an enterprise needing to configure various types of measurement equipment and professional testing personnel engaged in measurement operations. the utilization rate of measurement equipment is relatively low, while the enterprise bears the higher training costs of measurement personnel and the use and maintenance costs of measurement equipment. Enterprises cannot realize flexible and universal measurement and testing. Therefore, reducing the measurement cost of enterprises, measuring personnel training costs, measuring equipment use and maintenance costs, to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of measurement and testing, so that enterprises have real-time quality control capabilities in the production process, which will be related to the ability of enterprises to respond to changes in market activities, and has an important decisive role in helping enterprises to establish and maintain a good market reputation.

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