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              1. English
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              Do not conform to the testing work and measures

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               on-site inspection or supervision of work;
              —— review the original inspection records, inspection reports, and work records;
              - investigation and verification of customer complaints;
              —— review and evaluation of quality system;
              - through inter-laboratory comparison, capability verification and quality control.
              After the non-conformity occurs, the party concerned or the discoverer shall immediately correct it ( keep the scene under special circumstances ) and report to the person in charge of the relevant functional department to organize personnel to take emergency measures to prevent the expansion of the impact caused by the non - conformity. the person in charge of the relevant functional department shall make corresponding records, fill in the non-conformity review and disposal record form and report to the quality person in charge, who shall be responsible for evaluating the seriousness of the non - conformity.
              4.3.2 it is generally not in conformity with the disposal plan directly put forward by the quality controller and submitted to the responsible department for execution.
              4.3.3 for any serious nonconformity found, the quality controller shall organize relevant personnel to analyze and evaluate the nonconformity, which belongs to the nonconformity in quality management. the quality controller shall make a decision on the acceptability of the nonconformity work, and the person in charge of the nonconformity department shall make a clear plan of corrective and corrective measures, which shall be submitted to the quality controller for approval.
              4.3.4 in case of serious non-conformity in the detection technology discovered, the quality controller, with the assistance of the technical controller, organizes relevant personnel to carry out analysis and evaluation, and puts forward suggestions for correction and disposal. the disposal method may include rework and other re-inspection methods to correct or remedy. At the same time, the decision is made on the basis of the severity and acceptability of the nonconformity. the person in charge of the relevant functional departments shall promptly investigate the situation, causes and consequences, and take emergency measures to minimize and eliminate the hazards and adverse effects of the nonconformity. Clearly define the requirements of corrective and corrective measures, and the quality controller is responsible for approval of serious non-compliance with corrective and disposal opinions.
              Disposal methods that do not conform to the work
              A ) rework: the person in charge of the relevant functional department shall instruct the parties concerned to rework the non-conformance work confirmed by them and submit it to the designated personnel for review;
              B ) correction: the person in charge of relevant functional departments shall instruct the parties concerned to correct their behaviors and make a plan of corrective measures to prevent reoccurrence;
              C ) review: the person in charge of quality shall organize the review and verification to draw correct conclusions;
              D ) ruling: the person in charge of quality shall organize relevant personnel to make ruling and put forward handling opinions;
              E ) punishment: the company's management will give administrative or economic punishment to the parties concerned according to the situation.
              4.3.6 the identification and handling of confirmed non-conformities shall be completed in the non-conformities review and disposal record form, and the complete record shall be filed and kept. the records of serious non-conformities shall be submitted to cnas for filing in a timely manner. if feedback from cnas is obtained, the company shall strictly follow the advice.
              4.4 handling of those who do not conform to work responsibilities
              4.4.1 for those responsible for testing non-conformity of quality, the manager of the measurement center shall stop the testing work and carry out corresponding quality system training and technical training in accordance with relevant procedures.
              4.4.2 in the event of non - conformity, the responsible personnel concerned shall write written opinions on disposal, learn from them, and formulate measures to prevent the recurrence of similar non - conformity. The person-in-charge of the functional department where he works shall analyze and draw a conclusion on the non-conformity and put forward handling opinions. after investigation and verification, the administrative department shall write out the investigation situation and handling opinions and report them to the person-in-charge of quality. In the event of non - conformity, the management shall draw a conclusion based on the nature of the non-conformity and the extent of its influence, and make decisions on the treatment of those who do not conform to the responsibility, including criticism and education, economic punishment, removal from their posts and administrative sanctions. The administrative department will sort out and archive the relevant materials.
              4.4.3 after the non-conformity occurs, those who deliberately delay reporting or resort to deceit or conceal the truth will be dealt with severely once they are found out.
              4.5 implementation of corrective measures
              4.5.1 the person in charge of the functional department where the non-conformance is located shall organize relevant personnel to investigate, analyze the causes of the non-conformance and propose corrective measures to be implemented after being reviewed and approved by the person in charge of quality. the person in charge of quality shall carry out follow-up inspection. if any document change is required, it shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the document control procedure.
              4.5.2 in case of serious non-conformity or involving multiple departments, the person in charge of quality or its designated personnel shall organize relevant personnel to investigate and analyze the causes of non - conformity, and the person in charge of the responsible department shall propose corresponding corrective measures, which shall be implemented in accordance with the procedure for implementing corrective measures. If quality documents need to be changed, they shall be implemented in accordance with management system document control and maintenance procedures.
              4.5.3 the documenter shall collect, sort out, archive and save the documents and materials formed.

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