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              1. English
              2. 簡體中文
              The company was founded in 2002 and engaged in reverse engineering design services in the early days. Registered and renamed Suzhou zhuoer measurement technology co., ltd. on March 8, 2010, it is mainly engaged in the third-party size testing service and reverse engineering design. at the same time, it develops, designs and produces measuring instruments and establishes the " henggu" brand, which is widely used in various domestic measuring organizations and military enterprises and has won unanimous praise!
              In August 2013, zhuoer measurement obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate of China national accreditation Committee and became a testing organization with professional qualifications. Relying on its excellent testing environment, active service awareness and professional testing technology, the company is committed to providing customers with scientific, rigorous and accurate third-party full-scale testing and verification and data processing services.
              At present, the company has a team with rich testing experience and management experience. at the same time, it has established long-term cooperative relations with many scientific research institutes such as China institute of science and metrology and Liaoning institute of science and technology, providing strong backing for the company to continuously improve testing services, research and development of new products and technological upgrading.
              Becoming China's top third party full-size testing organization is drow's goal. relying on senior industry background and strong professional and technical team, our goal will eventually change from ideal to reality.

                Contact Us

                Suzhou Zhuoer Metrology Technolgy Co.,Ltd 

                Building 7,No.251,Dongding Road Bacheng Town Kunshan City China 



                 E-mail: Szzhuoer@vip.163.com

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